A downloadable game for Windows

We had trouble with the WebGL build, but we would really appreciate if you downloaded and played our game!

A game made in 50 hours for the GMTK 2022 Game Jam.

Theme: Roll the Dice

Game Design and Art by Brandev

Game Design and Programming by nemo_dev

Roll the dice to determine the effect of the next round. Fight off waves of zombies before you get to roll the dice again. The dice will give different effects, some good, some bad.

Please rate! all feedback is appreciated.

Audio Credits

Shooting noise: Freesound - "Arcade Shoot" by Aesterial-Arts

Rolling dice: Freesound - "Rolling Single and Dual 20-Sided Dice" by vartian

Shaking dice: Freesound - "Shaking Dice.flac" by qubodup

Zombie hit/death noise: Freesound - "d0 Meatslap on Glass 1" by dav0r

Player death: Freesound - "8 bit Death sound" by MentosLat

Sliding doors: Freesound - "sliding metal door on floor freezer open and close awkward.flac" by kyles

Fire noise: Freesound - "Fire Auto - car on fire" by florianreichelt

Player damage: Freesound - "Cyber Punch 02" by JohnLoser

Explosion: Freesound - "explosion_00.wav" by derplayer

Background music: Freesound - "Retro arcade music #3" by BloodPixelHero

Round start sound: Freesound - "arcade sound.wav" by vanceparley

Round over: Freesound - "Arcade Bleep Sound" by Kodack

Install instructions

Unzip file, run DieDie aplication.


GMTK2022 DieDie.zip 34 MB

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