The original version of this game was made over a week for the Illinois State Summer 2022 game jam. Theme: Momentum

Controls:            (also works on mobile)

Arrow Keys - Menu navigation

X - select / hook / unhook


Swing between anchors and get to the heart! Avoid hitting walls or losing your momentum. Maintain momentum by hooking onto anchors when you are tangent to them.  Hooking onto anchors at a bad angle will cause you to lose momentum. If you lose too much momentum you will stall and have to start over.


  • 14 Levels
  • Save data for best times on each level
  • Practice mode for improving times on specific levels. All levels are available from the start.

Assets used:

  • "Nostalgia" by @gruber_music
  • A few sprites and a level (13) from my previous game Nemonic Crypt used as an Easter Egg.
  • Sash Text adapted from Nemonic Crypt, originally adapted from Breakout Hero by @LazyDevsAcademy

Check out the original version of the game and its post on the Pico-8 BBS:

Can you beat my best times?


Download 956 kB
Download 714 kB
Download 3 MB


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Really fantastic game!!

I enjoyed very much.


This is very good. I find the shorter levels the best as the camera doesn’t keep up with me on larger levels. Good though. 


Thanks for playing! I have an updated version of the game on the pico-8 BBS that adds in a predictive camera that goes ahead of the player:

I am waiting until the ratings are done before updating the itch page because I worked on it outside of the jam time.


Hi nemo! An unexpected but not unwelcome development! Thanks for replying and good luck with the jam vote 🤞